Step into Harmony in Hesperia and enjoy a single level home with three bedrooms, a full kitchen and washer/dryer. Plenty of space to relax with spaces to lounge, several eating area and Smart TV's for use with your personal Roku, Netflix, YouTube, and other etc. subscription. Free wifi is included. We also utilize electrostatic sprayers approved by the EPA to disinfect and CDC. Only minutes from the Victor Valley Mall, Jess Ranch shopping, Victor Valley College, and Victorville Airport. One hour and fifteen minutes from Ft. Irwin Army Base. Forty five minutes from Marine Corps Logistics Base.

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About Envoye Solutions

Envoye Solutions takes pride in offfering upscale spaces with interiors that give the feeling of home. We constantly strive to improve both our corporate travelers experience along with appealing to vacationers. We're happy to say, "Our home is your home."

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